Wiki Rules & Guidelines

Player Character Pages

  • Do not include any information about a character that should be known only by said character.

  • Do not include any information about a character that has no relevance on the world or campaign.

  • The previous two points do not fully apply to the Biography section, but they should still be kept in mind when writing it. Personal secrets or aspects that the character would never discuss should be avoided.

  • Try to be as concise as possible.

  • The Relationships section of the page should only include characters, either PCs or NPCs, within the campaign that are relevant enough to have their own wiki page.

  • The Relationships section should only include relevant or major relationships such as close friends, family, or rivalries.

  • Any other relevant relationships or familial relations should be described in either the biography section or included in the infobox.

  • Any relationships included in the infobox should have at least some current relevance to the character.

  • The top part of the article should serve only as a quick and basic introduction to the character. It should be kept relatively short and include only the most relevant information such as: name, brief description of history, common alias(es), class, race, occupation, origin, and affiliation(s). Some flexibility is allowed on this point but try to keep things as relevant as possible.