City Group - Session 2

Morning - Sati wakes up and the rest of the Company (Gavern, Amy and Sotek) is already up. Sati has a scar that she keeps hidden.

Restaurant - Everyone down for breakfast, Sotek and Sati notice a suspicious dwarf entering. Gavern speaks with the dwarf and all follows the dwarf.

Passes through a marketplace to a bowl shaped building with smoke rising up from it. it is a bathhouse and inside the Company is directed to stall 4

Stall 4 - While waiting Sati tells Amy about the scar and the magical alley and then 3 human males enter, 2 younger and 1 older (Skinny Dan the ladies man). The old one enters the bath and Gavern and Amy joins him. After some lying from Gaverns side he directs the old man to Amy and while he is distracted attacks and kills him. Lucky Stoneblood is pushed in by Sati and Lucky puts the lights out and runs and kills one of the young men. Sotek attacks with a frost breath were he thinks the enemies are, hits lucky and the young one. Sati lights the room with a spell and the young one attacks Sotek. Amy gets out of the now blood filled water to retrieve his weapon and Gavern engages the young one. Lucky kills the young one and gets through clenched teeth says “so cold” and jumps in the bloody bath. They all move to Stall 7.

Stall 7 - 2 half-orcs, 1 male and 1 female and 1 well dressed male gnome (Alvin Twokill) enters stall 7. Gavern is already in the bath and the male half-orc guards the door into stall 7 while Lucky and Alvin goes to change and enter the bath.

(During the discussion between Gavern, Lucky and Alvin [Alvin: “Call me chicken..” And gets interrupted by Gavern: “Chicken”])

The discussion has its ups and down and ends with Alvin accepting the terms if one of the Burned Oak wins a one-on-one with the female half-orc Dora. Sotek takes the challenge and it is decided it will be public. Amy leads with music from his trumpet gathering a crowd to the marketplace while Lucky, Gavern, Sati, Alvin and the male half-orc stays in stall 7.

Marketplace - When a circle of people is formed and it looks like Sotek and Dora are ready Amy stops playing and the duel begins. Sotek get hit for 12 having 2hp left, crits for 24 and Dora uses Relentless Endurance to stay at 1hp and hits Sotek for 5 winning the duel.

Stall 7 - With the return and Alvin bids farewell and when they leave you can hear [Male half-orc: “You okay?” Dora: “That was my favorite tit”]. With that the Company decides to go and do their own things.

Amy socialises in the public male section Sati reflects in her own stall Gavin stayed with Lucky in stall 7 Sotek went home to rest

Amy meets old wrinkly human and elf looking like a 20-year something with the same manner of the old human.

Sati notice unusual carving of gods including Moratik.

Sati and Amy then meets up and goes to the location of the Alley and it is not there.

Later that evening Mr. Faction gets called to the bathhouse and suspects Deadwood.

Forward 1 week with the Company doing some side jobs and trying to get comfortable to the life in the City the Company currently being free are separated. Gavern is at a tavern, Amy the Alley and Sati and Sotek at home.

The female officer (Fiona) comes to the home base. Speaks with Sati asking for help with a ces and Sati telling to return later.

Gavern overhearing a story involving the Burned Oak during the war and corrected them and in that process learns that a teifling named Fogo Ekerra that were in the Burned Oak is int the City.

Amy doing his daily inspection to see if the Alley have appeared sees a wanted poster of his friend David Moongazer.

And with that session 2 ends.