Amy is a tiefling Bard. Mostly called Mr Smithson by the ones uncomfortable saying Amy to a man. In the City have acquired the alias Ramas Deadwood. Amy can be found in the library were he works during the day, or in different establishments playing music with a a band that has its band members come and go as they want.

While travelling to the City he met the members of the Burned Oak, whom he joined in payment for their protection.


Amy as a teifling have horns, a tail and eyes without a visable sclera or pupil.

Amy is light skinned with freckles that stretch out to his face, arms, legs and tail. The freckles are a strong red. The horns are shaped like a rams horns, going down behind the ears to then turn upwards. Amys eyes are of the same strong red as the freckles and the darker red hair are always in a backslick.


Amys story is like the most people that got involved int the war, separated from their loved ones and moving to place were a lot of people to try and find them and unable to. Lives in the gnome district and fixed and restored the library. Has recently tried to become a renowed scholar and have yet to make a name for himself, have travelled to the mysterious city in hope of being the first one to archieve its wonders.

End of Amy

At the end of the "Heart of Change in the City" campaign the persona of Ramas Deadwood asked the "Warforged Dragonborn" to remove the persona of Amy from the past leaving only Deadwood. Unfortunately for Deadwood before he could gloat of his success he was sucked into the vortex that had been made from putting the heart into the "Warforged Dragonborn" transporting him away to who knows where.

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