Arakkoa Sotek is a dragonborn Barbarian who fought in the Great War. After a long exile, he has returned to society as the most recent recruit of the Burned Oak Mercenaries.


Sotek is a dragonborn of the metallic silver bloodline. He has red eyes and a frill that goes from the top of his head down his neck.  The front of his body is covered in various scars and burns. The only scar that he has on his back goes from his left shoulder blade to his right thigh.  He has tendrils that would have resembled a beard on his chin but they have been sloppily cut off.

Sotek has the posture of a coiled spring. He keeps himself in check, but when he lets himself go he will tear down whatever is in his way.

He is currently wearing a surcoat with the burnt oak emblem on the chest. He has fur vambraces. He also carries a bear pelt draped across his shoulder that he acquired in his homeland. On his back is a great sword. 




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