Arjuna Moonstrider is a human Ranger currently enrolled in The Academy. He is part of the Academy Group.


Arjuna grew up with his father, Andun Moonstrider, and his mother, Eibhilín Lyrehardt, in the outer edges of a forest situated on the border of Dacien. From a very early age, Arjuna showed a great talent in his father's profession: hunting. He'd spend most of his days helping his father with his trade, camping out in the wild for days on end, tracking down animals and gathering resources needed for survival. His mother, who spent more time outside communing with the nature than at home, would teach him about appreciating nature, to never take a life with malice and always respect what life he takes. This is something Arjuna took to heart and still lives by.

During the Great Thaumaturgy War, Arjuna's cottage, although fairly small, would act as a minor trading outpost. Soldiers and the like would stop by for requisitions and occasionally lodging.

Early on in the war, Arjuna's father was visited by a wandering stranger in distress. The stranger, named Caelithin Firelight, was in dire need of help, offering to trade a priced item on his person. During all this commotion, a sudden crisis broke out nearby, forcing Arjuna's father to run out to offer aid, leaving a young and frightened Arjuna alone and in need of comfort. Caelithin stayed with Arjuna, trying to keep him calm until his father returned. Despite their meeting being very brief, Caelithin left a strong impact on Arjuna.

When the war had reached its second year, Arjuna's half sister Menehir "Dawn" Holimion moved in with the family. Arjuna quickly grew very attached to Menehir, but tried not to let it show. After the war ended, Menehir stayed with the family, but mostly spent time delved in her books, something Arjuna never understood the appeal of.

A few years after the cataclysmal event that ended the war, tragedy struck the family. Arjuna and Menehir fled together. It was Menehir's idea to join the academy. Even though Arjuna fit right in there, he mostly joined because he didn't want to be separated from his sister.


Arjuna takes every assignment seriously, although this is not something you'd notice at first glance. Not having many social interactions outside of his own family while growing up, he has a hard time telling when a certain behavior is required and may therefore appear to be very flippant. Social adjustment aside, Arjuna is kind spirited and caring, but likes to joke around and doesn't always realize if it would offend anyone until after the fact. Arjuna shows an abhorrent disdain towards the infernal, making things at times very tense between him and his sister.


Menehir "Dawn" Holimion

Arjuna's half sister.

Caelithin Firelight

Old and new acquaintance.

Shestendeliath Salazar

Friendly rival and oft buyer of beer.