Gavern, sometimes refered to as Gavern of the Burned Oak is a human Fighter from Tremmel who fought as a mercenary for Dacien during the Great Thaumaturgy War. He is the Captain and founder of theBurned Oak Mercenaries which he is currently in the process of rebuilding.


Gavern enjoying his favourite snack.

Gavern is a muscular, athletically built man in his early thirties. His skin is lightly tanned and, his dirty blonde hair is oiled and combed back into a short ponytail. He sports a prominent horizontal scar on the right side of his face and his left ear is adorned with a thick, slightly crude, gold earring.

His posture and bearing tells of both his good upbringing and his long career of soldiering. His standard expression is a subtle smirk that tends to turn into a slightly smug, somewhat toothy grin when speaking to people. He is often seen eating apples.

His outfit consists of a well made tabard sporting the crest of the Burned Oak worn over chainmail, a pair of sturdy leather boots, a pair of leather vambraces with the Burned Oak crest carved into them, and a luxurious but somewhat worn out, fur-lined cape. He carries a longsword in a scabbard hanging from his belt on his left and on his back he carries a medium sized kite shield adorned with the Burned Oak crest.


Gavern was born and grew up in the city-state of Tremmel. Due to his reluctance to talk about his family and his time in Tremmel not much is know about his early life other than the fact that he was born to a quite wealthy family.

In his twenties he left Tremmel to join the Great Thaumaturgy War, fighting as a mercenary for Dacien. A few months after having joined the war Gavern had managed to make a name for himself as an effective soldier and competent commander and earned himself the money and respect he needed to found his own mercenary company, the Burned Oak Mercenaries.

The Burned Oak Mercenaries became quite successful and by the final year of the war had grown to be quite large but due to internal power struggles the company first splintered and was then dissolved.

Recently Gavern has set out to revive the Burned Oak after spending several years in the ruined frontier of Dacien doing odd jobs here and there.



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