Sati is a human Warlock of unknown origin, raised in the sorcerous wastes of Dacien. She is currently a member of the Burned Oak Mercenaries, though her commitment to her employer is questionable.


Sati is a scrawny, haggard girl in her midteens. She's of a pale complexion, and her hair is a feathery mess. Her expression is most often blank, and she can go a bit too long without blinking. Occult tattoos run down her spine, and down her forearms from the palms of her hands.

She wears an ill-fitting tunic and trousers of undyed cotton, with a scavenged breastplate of dusty leather on top. She keeps a tattered shawl for warmth, which must have been embroidered with silver at some point, and wears black footwraps on her calloused feet. The image of a half-burnt oak is embroidered on her left thigh, usually hidden beneath the hem of her tunic.

Her magic is black in colour, with a piercing, dissonant resonance. An irregular crystal serves as her arcane focus.




Gavern of the Burned Oak

Sati met Gavern in a moment of weakness. Starving, exhausted, and with blood on her hands, she found the mercenary's promises of food and safety too tempting to resist, however suspicious they seemed at the time.

Sati doesn't like Gavern, much less trust him. He is, however, one of the few fixed points in her life, and the first man to treat her as a person in almost two years. As such, she feels attachment to him in spite of herself, and a willingness to open up to him she has yet to offer anyone else.

Most importantly, his awful grin reminds her of someone.

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