Shestendeliath Salazar is a dragonborn Paladin currently enrolled in The Academy. He is part of the Academy Group and also runs & financially aids a foster home.


Salazar has had a military upbringing and has always known that he would be a soldier.

It is widely known that Salazar was on a witch hunt for slavers during his pre-academy days together with his brother. His efficiency in not only tracking, but also incapacitating his targets compelled the academy to recruit him.


Salazar is a person that is easy to get along with and is always close to a hearty and rumbling laugh. He is compassionate and it isn't rare to see him talking to & helping the homeless and poor, or intervening to stop corrupt/power hungry guards. He acts as soon as he sees injustice happening in front of him. He upholds honesty to the degree that renders him unable to refrain from it. As long as people around him are nice to others, he is a hearty and warm person. He is a strict follower of Bahamut and always strives to uphold himself and his actions in accordance to the teachings of Bahamut. He is extremely protective of children, as he sees them as the embodiment of purity. He is not keen on talking about his family.


Younger brother Balas - They were very close during their witch hunt of slavers, but have since not had much contact.

Dorumbas - Salazars spiritual mentor and friend. Salazar holds him in very high esteem, and makes sure to stay updated on his well-being.