The Academy is an ambitious combat institute intended to train the generation's greatest defenders and heroes. Founded by several previously unaligned parties, the school sports an impressive list of retired and active adventurers, scholars, military men and diplomats among its faculty.

Aside from the standard courses, students are divided into more specific categories of expertise based upon their perceived talents and advantages. There is no set time for how long the education takes; instead, students are faced with the graduation tests when deemed and proven ready.

Graduates are assembled into teams of four under a mentor from the academy organization. During this apprenticeship, they are essentially still beholden to most of the same rules as any academy student, only now under the autority of their new mentor, who has free range to test, punish, teach and order them as they see appropriate.

The Academy is located on a cliff and on one of the sides, with a steep slope, there are docks for airships.

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