The White Spine is a vast and harsh mountain range bordering Baltas and Dacien. The winters get longer and colder the higher one climbs. Many of its high peaks are still uncharted, but stories of dragons, giants and stranger things still are common in folk tales.

Humans, dwarves, and orcs are common, to varying degrees of civilization. Mostly, the people of the White Spine are known for their raiding pirates, or "vikings" as they're sometimes called, who send their small ships from the fjords at the base of the mountains.

When traveling, the tunnels of the Baltas dwarves creeping below the Spine are almost universally preferred.

Ancient landmarks of pilgrimage, believed to have been left behind by a now extinct and forgotten order of monks, are sought out by the spiritual and the fearless, who often bring back a sample of the region's unique flora and fauna as trophies.